Friday, April 30, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 10: Shania Twain

When I first heard they were singing Shania Twain songs, I wondered how it was going to turn out.  I was pleasantly surprised!  It was one of my favorite shows of the season.

Lee started the night out singing "You're still the one." It was Be-Yu-Ti-Ful!

Mike sang "It only hurts when I'm breathing." I had never heard this one before, but it was also Be-Yu-Ti-Ful!

Casey sang "Don't." To me, he has such a radio voice.  I loved hearing him just sing! His voice is amazing!

Crystal sang "Noone needs to know."  I really loved this when Shania sang it, but it just didn't work well for me with Crystal.

Aaron sang "You've gotta way."  It was pretty good.  He's very country and mature.  It's interesting how he changed the words to be more modest.  I liked that.

Siobhan sang "Any man of mine."  I actually kind of liked it. What? *crickets chirping*  yea I said it.

Sooooo, Siobhan was finally sent home.  I'm not really surprised because the last few weeks haven't been great for her, with the exception of last night.  Of course, America may not have enjoyed it.  It was one of the first eliminations where I was not very sad. 

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