Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Week 5: Billboard #1's

Well, I can honestly say that I enjoyed this week more than I have almost any since Hollywood week!
The lowdown:
Lee- I though he did great and definately connected with the audience more.
Paige- um, no. She has a great voice, but when she sings soft, it is just bad. Like it was tonight.
Tim- I really thought he did great tonight.  He owned that stage!  The judges weren't so high on it...
Aaron- hands down one of the best singers.  He is going to be a great artist.
Crystal- once again, AMAZING.  And I like the rug!
Michael- he sang beautifully.  I did not think he sounded "loungy" at all as the judges suggested.  Boo on you guys!
Andrew- man the judges were rough on him tonight!  He has got to find a way back to where he started!  I hope he has another week to try and show it.
Katie- she did really really good and looked really really good!  Young and fresh!
Casey- he rocked it out!  He has such a good look, I know he will do well.
Didi-  now, I think she did one of her best performances yet.  The judges were full of crap with what they said tonight. 
Siobhan-  and the screaming again....stop screaming!!!!  She is still a funny little thing to me....

Paige and Andrew, don't hold your breath....


Well, no surprises here. I knew Paige was going home. She has such a great voice but awful song choice and off keyness. I'm interested to see what they do with Usher songs next.

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