Monday, February 22, 2010


We have a lot of talk of technology around our house. Tim is an Instructional Technology coordinator for a school district and just a plain lover of technology. We are not up on all new technology by far, but we love to learn new things. Recently, Tim gave me an iPod Touch as a gift. This thing is amazing! We installed a wireless router in the house, so I have internet on the Touch and can do all the things I like to do( ahem, facebook...) without having to sit in front of the desktop. I have all the music I love on it. I have games for the kiddos and for myself. I can check email, news, weather, and of course my twitter! Sunday, I came into the world of podcasting. I had never even been there! lol! There are podcasts for virtually every subject! I have some Sesame Street vodcasts for the kiddos and a few podcasts of a speaker that I love to hear. These are all free too! And it is cool to be able to listen to all of it in the vehicle! There are some other cool things I will have to blog about soon. I also will put up a list of my favorite websites for kiddos.
Have a blessed day!

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