Friday, August 28, 2009

Super Why!

This is a GREAT show! I limit the time that I allow the kids to watch TV but this is one show that we have been DVRing for them. They have learned so much from this show. It is truly an educational show and I recommend it to all parents. They tell stories, learn letters and how to put sounds together. They also show it in sentence form. It is just a super way for preschoolers to begin learning. And B Boy is really into superheros lately so it is right up his alley! It is just great for boys and girls. B Boy runs around singing the theme song!
Oh, and on a funny note, you never know where your kids will pick things up from. I have let the kids watch Toy Story and Woody is trying to get his point across and says something like, "you are a toy, T-O-Y, toy." So now C Girl will say, T-O-Y toy. And she knows she is spelling it. B Boy's favorite character from the movie is Buzz Lightyear and they both love saying, "To infinity and beyond!"


  1. My kids LOVE this show, too! Way to go PBS for its great eduacational programming!

  2. Oh I just noticed my should be educational. That is why I should proofread!


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