Thursday, August 27, 2009

Could you go a year without shopping?

I have always been frugal. I guess it was just the way that I was raised. My stepfather was not a spender and was always creating ways to fix things himself. Now, as a stay at home mom, I feel that it is my job to make our money go as far as it can and to do my best to save as much of it as possible. There are many ways that I do this. I would have to sit down and make a list of everything that I do, but a few mentionables are a budget, getting books and movies from the library, menu planning and just all around planning in general! I love reading blogs and articles about how other people are stretching their dollars. When the kids were babies, I subscribed to Parents magazine (only $10 for 3 years!). One of the last sections of the magazine was "It worked for me!" I loved reading this! Moms and dads came up with some very creative ideas and I saved a lot of them. Now the only magazine I subscribe to is Good Housekeeping. I really love love love this magazine. I was drinking coffee this morning and reading the latest issue when I came across the article, "A year without shopping." I have seen similar stories before but this one was really interesting. This family did without sooo much for a year. I think that I could do what they did, but I don't think that I could get Tim fully on board. He already thinks that we run a pretty tight ship! I just began thinking, how many people could really do this? I mean, I'm sure they could, but would they? We really don't think any more about how it was to live without all of our modern conveniences. People did it before. It was just a really different lifetstyle. I am constantly challenging myself to be frugal and environmentally friendly at the same time. A discussion about the environment is another topic I am all for, but I'll do that another day.
Anyways, here is the link to the article:
Could you go a year without shopping?

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing that. It is very interesting. I'm going to talk to Matt about it. It really is a great idea.


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