Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend fun with the Sparacino Fam!

It was a nice weekend. The first one that we had had in a while with no obligations. Saturday we took the kids fishing at Lake Dardanelle. The really love to fish. Luckily, the fish were really biting! (With a little help from Momma), B Boy caught 6 fish and C Girl caught 4. Daddy only caught one, but he was trying to fish for a different type of fish. Plus, it's really hard to catch fish when you are constantly taking fish offf of hooks and putting new worms on hooks because your kiddos are catching fish left and right! I forgot to bring the camera so no photos of this excursion.

On Sunday, we had a big surprise for C Girlie. A friend of mine had a bunk bed she was selling, so we bought it and had my brother bring it over and put it together. We had also bought C all new bedding and some decorative stuff for her new "big girl" room. It is so strange to see such a big bed in there! They have always been my babies and now they are growing up! She was so excited about this bed. She has wanted a bunk bed since we went and visited another friend of mine whose daughter had a bunk bed. She decided then, that a bunk bed was what she wanted!
A couple of other funny things this weekend: We had mushroom swiss burgers and roasted asparagus on Saturday night for dinner. The kids LOVE asparagus and it's cute because they eat so much of it and they call it "sparacus." Also, on later that night we were all playing around and chasing and B Boy was being really rough. (Imagine that!) Daddy jokingly said, "Be careful with mommy, she's a fragile being." B thought he called me a fragile bean! So he ran around calling me that the rest of the night!

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