Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Blog and First trip to the dentist

So, I'm just starting this blog and it's a new year and time for the kiddos first trip to see the dentist! They were super excited! I loved how they had them sit in the chair together. It was so precious! Of course they asked me, "Are they twins?"  We do get asked that quite a bit these days!
So anyways, back to the actual appointment- They said that both kiddos had excellent teeth. B Boy has a lot of space between his teeth which is great for the permanent teeth when they come in. I was so glad that they are doing well and no cavities!!!


  1. Fantastic, now when you tell them about your dentist visits it will be a whole new thing for them! Soon you will be scanning colleges.


  2. What a cute picture! Glad everyone is doing well.

    Much love,

    Charlie, Juli, and Memphis Roetter

  3. Congrats on two years of blogging, babe! I love you and the blog. These posts always make me smile and serve as a great way to relive/store our memories. Keep up the good work.


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