Monday, January 19, 2009

Today and Tomorrow

Today is a day set aside to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his great contributions to the civil rights movement. Now, he is not the only person who made significant moves to make a more inclusive America, but he is one who inspired so many people with his passion and words. Today is a day that we look back.
Tomorrow is a day that we look forward. Tomorrow we swear in our first African American President. Martin Luther King Jr. had a "dream" and for most that dream has came to pass. As we turn a new page and begin with a new president, I see another black man who is inspiring millions with his passion and words. We began a new chapter after Martin Luther King and we are beginning a new chapter with Barack Obama. This is truly historic and how wonderful it is to be a part of this history.
C Girlie recognizes Barack Obama but it will be a while before she understands who he is. I will teach her the history and the significance of the matter. But I am happy to know that she will never fully know the whole significance. She will grow up in a different time. She will grow up in a time where anyone can do anything if they can work hard to get there. Can we now tell our children that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up and really mean it now? I hope so.

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