Monday, April 4, 2016

the weekly recap {March 28-April 4}

I really cannot believe that it is already April. The weather, though. It's been so nice! 
Last Monday, was piano lessons and baseball practice again. It was B Boy's 8 pm baseball practice and that is so late for him. He is used to being in asleep by 7:30! I'm so glad it was the last late night that we know of for the season.

Tuesdays are my busiest day of the week, especially every other week when I meet with my mentor, Susan. Last week was such a day. I wasn't feeling great, so I skipped the chapel part of Bible study and just made it to class for the study part. I only have a week left of each Bible study that I'm a part of right now. They have both been really good and I've learned a lot. 
I left Bible study and grabbed some lunch and then went home to meet Susan for our meeting. I've been struggling with our project right now since I haven't been well. The book we are doing teaches you how to talk to someone about the gospel and share your testimony. I'm supposed to memorize things and even practice going through the process. I'm terrible at speaking and ad libbing so this is waaaaay out of my comfort zone!

After meeting with Susan, I ran to the school to do Tuesday folders and then to Walmart to pick up a gift for a baby shower that night. My friend, April had texted and asked us to meet them at a park after school. Her daughter, Ryan had to have her gallbladder taken out the week before. She wasn't back to 100% but she was ready to be outside in the pretty weather and getting to play with the kiddos. It was nice to catch up with them!

I had to get home to make dinner and then head to a baby shower for a lady from my Sunday school class. They are expecting their 3rd boy! She works for Walmart home office and I learned that night that they are now giving 11 total weeks for medical and parent leave. That's so nice!

I've pretty much been going to see the 5th grade girl I mentor every Wednesday now. She looks forward to it so much and I do too! She is very open to talk to me about everything and she really enjoys playing games that they have in the counselor's office. She doesn't have a completely stable home life and that is hard to know, but I hope that I'm making a positive difference in her life by just being there for her every week. We should never underestimate the impact of small things making a big difference in someone's life. I know that I experience this in my life. Things that might seem small- a smile, a text, a card, a meal, etc. can mean so much to me because that person thought of me and reached out. 

On Thursday, I was scheduled for my CT. I was a little nervous about it because I had to drink contrast before the test. I was under the impression that it was going to be a chalky drink. It ended up being a Crystal light type drink so that was such a relief. I had to sit there and drink it over two hours. I got to catch up on some podcasts!
I had to get groceries that afternoon and then B Boy had baseball practice that evening. It was pretty chilly that night, so C Girl and I stayed home while the boys went to the batting practice. B Boy got his team jersey and hat that night! #3!

I actually felt pretty well during the day on Friday and was able to get a lot done around the house. I am so behind on a lot of things just because I haven't felt well and my body has been so fatigued from the inflammation. I also got an email from doctor about my test. Inflammation was present in my small intestines and I have an appointment with my doctor later today. 

Friday night, was the annual GA's party and lock in. This was the first year that C Girl got to stay overnight! She has been looking forward to this for weeks!!! We got her a new sleeping bag recently (for the lock in, camp, etc) and she LOVES it! 
B Boy loves when she stays overnight somewhere because he always gets to watch a Harry Potter movie! We got Chinese takeout for dinner and let B Boy get food from Taco Bell (his fave!)
Tim and I rented Concussion and it was a really, really good movie! Will Smith did an amazing job! Also, B Boy may never be allowed to play football.
Tim had to pick C Girl up by 8:30 am from the church, but the Bentonville half marathon was this weekend and all of the streets were closed off! He had a very difficult time getting to the church! I'm so proud of all of my friends who ran the half marathon- what an accomplishment!
Tim stopped to pick up donuts on the way home. That was such a treat! We rarely get donuts! Yum!
Saturday was B Boy's first baseball game of the season! This season is the first year of boy pitch and it has been interesting watching them get used this new position. B Boy is pretty nervous about getting hit by a pitch because he got hit during a practice recently.
My 3rd baseman!
C Girl was SO tired from getting little sleep the night before. 
After the game, we headed home for the afternoon. I ended up taking a very long nap and then being in a lot of pain Saturday evening. Tim watched the tournament, but the games ended up being blow outs so that wasn't much fun!

Yesterday, we went to church and then our class had a potluck afterwards. I know better than to sign up for a big deal lately. I just took some store bought stuff. Everything was yummy and it was fun hanging out and talking after church for a while. We had to get a few things from Walmart before heading home. I made dinner and worked on laundry and Tim took B Boy to the batting cages to work on hitting. I got C Girl to church and then came home briefly before I had to be back for Bible study. We skipped evening service and I got a hot, long shower while Tim picked up the kids. We were in bed by 8 pm (well, I lay there and read for a long time, but still.) and it was so nice!

We haven't seen our stray cat in over a week and we are so sad about it. I hate to think that something happened to her. I'm choosing to believe that she found a loving home!

I have errands and a BPTO board meeting today. Tim is going to leave work early to get the girl to piano and then take the kids to B Boy's baseball game tonight. I will have to meet them there since my doctor appointment is late this afternoon. I'm really praying that I get a lot of answers today. This is the longest that I have ever been in such consecutive pain. I have had lots of pain over the years, but this has been constant for a month and a half. It has really worn me down. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have pain medication to rely on. 

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