Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter weekend

Health update: sooo, long story short- we don't have out of network coverage so I can't get the test I was trying to get. I feel so frustrated with myself that I have spent 3 or more weeks in pain waiting and now it was for naught. I will be getting a CT very soon and will hopefully find out what is the exact cause of the pain I'm having every day. I know I seem fine, but the truth is that I take pain medication every day right now to function. For some reason, that's hard for me to share. People have a hard time understanding what is going on since I had been feeling better. It's hard to explain that Crohn's can just rear it's ugly head whenever it feels like it. It's not something that will ever completely go away, unless it is God's will for me to be healed. It has brought me to my lowest, but it has also brought me closer to my savior. I rely on Him daily. I have more calmness and patience than I ever have. I've grown so much through just being down and having time to reflect on things. I know I'm being refined through this painful journey.


I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!
We had a really good one.
I have a huge love of holidays and tradition. I don't know if I feel like it anchors me down or if it is just a constant that I like. It doesn't look the same every single year, but the concept of the traditions stay the same.
We love to color eggs!
They turned out so pretty!
Of course Easter was going to be cold and rainy, sandwiched in between two gorgeous days.
We decided to take advantage of the beautiful, warm weather on Saturday to hunt eggs.
Tim loves hiding the eggs!
I love watching their enthusiasm and fun while collecting the eggs they find!
Look how proud they are!
The kids had so much fun fishing on Friday that they begged Tim to take them again on Saturday evening. When they got home, they brought in a trout that Tim had caught!
This was the first year that the kids said we had to "get ready for the Easter bunny." Apparently, they needed to set out their baskets and write letters. The child continually surprises me and cracks me up!!!
I love staying up and getting their baskets filled. I was excited this year because C Girl seems interested in Sweet Valley Twins and Friends. Did any of you read those growing up? They were my favorite!
I also put stuffed bunnies in their baskets because I'm in denial that my kids are getting too big for that stuff. C Girl LOVED her bunny though!
My friend, Robin made some sweet cookies that I bought for their baskets this year.
They also received fruit, treats and a couple of other goodies.
B Boy got Star Wars socks in mens size!!!
We all got up early on Sunday morning and I made bunny and cross pancakes.
The kids really enjoyed the fun pancakes!
We take a family photo every year and I love looking back over the years!
We tried to get one outside but it was so cold and C Girl looked like she was freezing in it!
I made a collage of all of our Easters from 2006 until this year. Such sweet memories!
We had a really good service at church. The message was given by Bro. Junior Hill. He speaks at our church every Easter and we always enjoy it. There were so many people, especially children who made decisions to follow Christ that day! It was so beautiful!

The kids made resurrection rolls in the afternoon.
They were yummy!
Tim hid eggs in the house and the kids had so much fun hunting for them!
We decided to go non-traditional with our Easter meal this year. Instead of ham, we had steak and trout! It was so good!
I made banana pudding and it was so good and made me wonder why I don't make it more often!

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