Wednesday, March 16, 2016

the weekly recap {March 8-15}

Hey friends! Last Sunday, Tim went out of town to travel with some colleagues to Austin, Texas for #SXSWEdu. Tim and his team had a great time at the conference and learned a lot! They also ate really well while there! #jealous 
I was a little nervous that it was going to be a loooong week having to be a single parent. The kids were great and we actually had a really good week!
On Tuesday, I wasn't feeling great enough to get around and go to Bible study. I did go to the school for Tuesday folders because I didn't want to add more work for the teacher if I didn't have to. C Girl talked me into making oobleck on Tuesday evening. She loves that stuff.
Wednesday was a meeting day! I met with my sweet mentee girl, I went to the PTO meeting at the kids school and we had parent teacher conferences after school. The conferences went SO great! I'm so incredibly proud of those two kids and just get so emotional to hear the wonderful things that their teachers said about them. I rewarded them with a movie from Redbox that night (full disclosure, I had received a code for a free movie!) 
C Girl pulled out a tooth that night that had been HANGING for so long. I cannot stand wiggly, hanging teeth. It creeps me out so badly!!! I'm so glad she can pull her teeth out! 
Thursday, I had a BPTO meeting. B Boy had a field trip to the Walton Arts Center to see a play. I love that they get to do that!
This is Tim learning to make a video game and taking notes from a 3rd grader! Kids are amazing!
On the food front, I won't have a "What We Ate" post every week. Last week, I cooked on Sunday and Monday and then we ate leftovers the entire week until Friday night! That made life so easy for me!
Tim and I talked on the phone Thursday night and watched some of the GOP debate. Are you guys disheartened by this election? I really had hoped this would be the year for Rubio, but obviously that did not work out. I just don't know what to think right now. I really like Gov. Kasich. 
We were excited that it was Friday and daddy was coming home that afternoon!
 It was a rainy afternoon!
We went straight to the airport to pick up Tim! We had meatball subs for dinner and then the kids watched a movie while Tim and I watched the new James Bond movie, Spectre. It was so good!
Saturday was a lazy day for us. It was so nice to have a day like that! The boys went to a men's event at church that night to hear from Chuck McAlister. They had a great time and got to eat a catered catfish meal. The girl and I hung out at home, painted our nails and watched the Parent Trap (her fave movie of all time!)
On Sunday, we heard from Chuck McAlister again and also had all of our Sunday afternoon/evening activities.
I bought a pie on Sunday to celebrate Pi day on Monday. Any excuse to eat pie. Any excuse!
And, can we talk about spring?! It has exploded here in Bentonville! I love it! We've even been enjoying 70-75 degree weather!!!
Monday, we had piano lessons and B Boy had a late baseball practice. The weather has been perfection. Yesterday, I had Bible study, met with my church mentor, did Tuesday folders and then sat through an hour and a half of dental work. Tim left work early to be home when the kids got home. They went on a bike ride/walk. I treated myself to an Icee after the dentist and came home to sit outside and listen to my audio book. 
Tim and I played backgammon last night. We have not played in soooo long! I love playing this "old fashioned" game with him!
Sissy Girl had to get in on the action!
We also all filled out our tournament brackets! This is always such a fun tradition! There are so many teams on the bracket this year that are normally not. It was impossible to choose so I just went for it. Here's to the madness!

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