Thursday, February 4, 2016

the weekly recap {January 29-February 4}

This is a hawk that frequently flies around our house.
We love birds :-)

Tim played a part in the junior high's production of Aladdin Jr. this weekend. 
He took B Boy to see the show on Saturday afternoon. C Girl was fighting a yucky cold all weekend.
 I had a sweet picture of B Boy sleeping but he told me that I could not post it. Ugh! 
My kids are at the age where they have a big opinion on these sort of things!
I love watching them sleep!
 I've been working on organizing B Boy's room better. One of the projects was sorting all of his millions of Legos.
A nice long, afternoon nap for this kitty.
 Tim had basketball duty on Monday evening and the kids always love going with him. 
Their thing lately is helping in the concession stand. He said that they were really working, giving change and everything!!!
 This girl has been enjoying our new rug :-)
 We don't always have calm, quiet afternoons after school, but Tuesday the kids were occupied with reading and a Word document. It was sweet and I had to capture the memory.
 C Girl's class has been working on practicing writing for the big standardized testing that is coming up this spring. Our job the other night was to help give her tips on writing and revising an essay she had written.
I love watching these two together.
I'm mentoring in our school district and met my mentee yesterday. She is a sweet girl and I can't wait to get to know her more!

This girl watched the Dem town hall meeting with Tim and I last night. She's never far from her mama!
 This has been a busy week, but I was so excited that it's also the week of Adnan Syed's post conviction relief hearing! It was thrilling to see this in my podcast feed today!
I spent yesterday keeping up with the proceedings and will do the same today!

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