Friday, January 29, 2016

How a cat plays catch

When B Boy isn't begging daddy to play catch, he is wanting to play solitaire or checkers or some other game! 
Wednesday I had a hair appointment. I always love catching up with the lady that does my hair.

Wednesday afternoon was beautiful so they did go outside to play catch. 
Our stray girl was here and wanted to play as well!
Isn't she pretty?
Look at that playful girl!
Both kids have been doing great in Awana. They are both in Truth and Training.
B Boy finished a big section and got a patch for his jersey!
I'll take sweet girlie hugs whenever I can get them!
I haven't taken a picture of these two before school in quite a while!
Today I had a meeting with my fellow BPTO board members and the new officers of the BWHS PTO. Our town is going to have two high schools next year! Crazy!

Tonight, the kids and I are watching the movie Max. 
Tim is at school playing a part in the production of Aladdin Jr!

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