Thursday, December 10, 2015

the weekend wrapup

We had a really nice, festive weekend!
Friday evening, we had our Sunday school class Christmas party.

You may have noticed that my hair is a little darker. 
I switched to low lights for the winter and I'm loving it!
We are some cool cats and we play Bingo at our party!
My friend, Maegan has did the number calling two years in a row. She is such a hoot to listen to! We all laughed so much!
Thanks to my friend, Kelly, here are pictures of some of the couples who came to the party! 
I love our class!
Saturday morning, I had a honey do list for Tim! C Girl had choir rehearsal and the boys got to work while we were gone. Tim put Christmas lights up outside, did a little landscaping upkeep, helped me do a few things around the house, and he cleaned up the garage. It was a beautiful day and it felt so good to get those things accomplished! I know that we won't feel like doing much when the cold winter weather sets in.
I love the way our house looks with lights outside! This small thing really thrills our kiddos!
We watched football Saturday night gearing up for college playoffs season. That still sounds so strange!
Sunday morning, the children's choir was joining the adult choir for a few songs during our annual Sing Christmas musical program.
She loves to get dressed up and have her hair curled!
Our church is so beautiful at Christmastime!
Everyone did such a great job singing!
The full children's choir program was in the evening.
The kids did such a great job!
Tim took this photo of C Girl and I at Walmart because he thought we looked very festive!
We also ran into the real Santa at Walmart! ;-)
This guy is student of the week this week!

Tim and I went to Crystal Bridges last night while the kids were in Awana.
We were excited to see Maman (the giant spider sculpure) the Frank Lloyd Wright Bachman-Wilson House,  and Picturing the Americas: Landscape Painting from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic.
It's just amazing having this in our town! We had a fun time!

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