Thursday, December 3, 2015

decorating for Christmas & advent activities

I woke up the other day, realized it was December 1st and promptly freaked out.
I typically start getting ready for the Christmas season in the last part of November.
That did not happen this year!
I have been busy, busy, busy trying to get caught up!

The first order of business after Thanksgiving was to decorate the house for Christmas!
C Girl really did so much of the work this year.
I love all of the special ornaments on our tree. It's also fun to see the kids developing memories of it all as well.
Sometimes, I think that I take too many pictures. But then, other times, I realize how happy they make me and I stop worrying about it. Pictures are a balm to my soul.
Sissy Girl loves laying under the tree!
She hung all of the Santa pictures with a little help from daddy.
B Boy did help decorate some too!
This is such a special ornament honoring Tim's mom that was given to us by my sister in law.
Such a sweet picture :-)
(however, they were practically at each other's throats during trying to get that oh so sweet photo!)
Our Santa collection.
(Tim's mom collected Santas and we have carried on the tradition. We even have a few of hers.)
For advent, we are following a scripture guide that we read everyday. 
It has been a good learning experience for the kids so far! 
We also do a book advent where I wrap 24 of our Christmas books and we read one every night. 
We end with, 'Twas the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

The kids were thrilled to open the first book!
The kids have been helping read everything this year!
I love hearing them read from the Bible!

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