Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you did too!

Every year is so different with kids as they get older.
They are more aware now and they ask for more expensive things! 
They still believe in Santa and we wonder how many more Christmases we will have of that!
They were SO excited this year!
 B Boy had a Harry Potter wand and glasses in his stocking. Big winner there!
 I love the expressions that B Boy has when he opens presents!!!
 C Girl has been wanting a study Bible so badly!
 such cuties!!!
 She can make some good expressions too!
 Is he the sweetest brother or what?
 They got tablets from aunt Marie!
 They also love watching us open our presents!
Tim's big gift is our trip to the Super Bowl in February.
We finalized our travel plans today and that has been such a relief for me. 
I was so stressed out!
 I love capturing the aftermath of Christmas morning!
Sissy girl likes to be all up in the excitement!
 A Razorback gift is always a winner with him!
 It took him just the afternoon to build his Harry Potter castle. Crazy!
 It didn't take her long to put the Frozen castle together!
I finished another coloring page!
 We had the best day. 
We were up before 6 am, had a great breakfast (breakfast casserole and cinnamon balls), I got a Yeti tumbler that I was not expecting but now dearly love, we watched Apollo 13, made a yummy dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, deviled eggs and homemade yeast rolls), and watched the Polar Express!
Today it has been POURING rain. We were even briefly under a tornado warning.
We have been cleaning the house and getting ready for the Sparacino family Christmas that we are hosting tomorrow.
I love how clean our house is right now especially being one day past Christmas!
This gal below is a stray from our neighborhood. She goes around and visits several houses. She usually comes in to eat and then leaves. Today, she needed a safe, warm, dry spot and we were happy to let her stay! She has been in since this morning and with this rain, I'm afraid she'll be here until Monday!

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