Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve & Christmas Eve

We have had a lot going on the past couple of days! 
Tim and the kids worked hard on one of our Christmas puzzles!
B Boy has loved playing Solitaire just like daddy!
I have been cooking and baking a lot!
We went to look at Christmas lights!
They finished the puzzle!
We made and decorated sugar cookies!
We did our Christmas Eve traditions- church, fancy dinner, reading the Bible about Jesus's birth, reading Twas the night before Christmas (the one that Nan gave the kids), and setting out cookies for Santa and reindeer food (C Girl made it this year!)
Tim also took the kids to Braum's so I could easily get their gifts out of the attic and to our closet! They went in their pj's!!! We also tracked Santa on NORAD! 
And we played Santa after the kids were fast asleep! They were so incredibly excited! It gets more fun every year! 
Merry Christmas!!!

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