Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the weekly recap {July 13-19 Amazeum & summer fun}

We bought a family membership for the children's museum that opened in our town on July 15th.
It is called the Scott Family Amazeum.
We were able to take advantage of preview day before it opened.
The kids were super excited!
I loved these stairs.
This place is incredible! We only had an hour and a half to explore and we also did an experiment in the Hershey's Lab, so we only got to check about half of it.
The kids LOVED "climbing in the trees"
There are so many opportunities to create, explore and imagine.
Tim and the kids were happy to partake in a little chocolate fun.
(a little thing about me you might not know - I don't eat chocolate! gasp!)
We will definitely be back many times to see more and enjoy this fun new place!
Our windows really needed a good cleaning, so we put the kids to work. I have been doing that a lot this summer. They have been taking on a lot of new chores and doing great at it!
C Girl even made waffles for us one morning entirely by herself!
The kids having some fun in the sprinkler. It has been SO hot here lately!
I've been trying to continue doing fun things with the kids even though I have been sick so much. I took them to the city pool one day and they had the best time. I got to sit and talk with a friend, so I had a really fun time too!
I also had to drag the kiddos to the doctor a couple of times that week.
I was diagnosed with early walking pneumonia. Thankfully they prescribed some good medication! 
I was so tired of coughing!

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