Sunday, June 7, 2015

the weekly recap

It has been a full week! Here we go!

Last Sunday, C Girl had her first piano recital.
She did so well! We are so very proud of her for learning to play!
On Monday, I ran errands and did stuff at home. 
Tim has had a ton of stuff going on at work, so he has worked late a lot this week.

Tuesday night, B Boy had a baseball tournament game. His team won putting them in the top four teams of his age group!
Tim had an awards program at his school that night and hated that he had to miss the game.
 Wednesday, I stayed home most of the day and did things around the house. C Girl had an ortho appointment in the afternoon and things are going well with that. She actually gets some brackets next month!

Thursday, I helped chaperone a field trip for C Girl's class to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.
 We had a great time viewing art and creating a narrative for each one!
 It is such a beautiful museum.
 C Girl and her sweet friend, E.
Since all the regular calendar schools were out after Wednesday, we are now on limited bus service. Our stop is pretty far away, so I now pick them up in car line the rest of the year. 
All of these cars were part of the car line on Thursday. Mercy!

Thursday evening, B Boy had a tournament game which would determine the two teams who would play in the championship game.
B Boy had a nice hit and got on base. He made it to second from the next batter, but then there was an out and the inning ended before he could score.
 We ended up losing, but we had a great season!
This sweet baseball boy has my heart!
We had great coaches this season! I'm so thankful for their dedication!
Friday morning, I watched the Walmart Shareholders Meeting. I love watching it every year!
Reese Witherspoon was the emcee this year!
Saturday morning, we had an awesome opportunity to hear from and meet Cal Ripken, Jr.!!! 
He was in town for the Walmart Saturday morning meeting and made an appearance at the 7 year old baseball championship.
We had a school fishing derby afterwards. We ended up not catching a thing! 
The kids had plenty of bites, but no success bringing one in!
This girl loves dirt, mud, and WORMS!
Yesterday afternoon, we went to a 1st birthday party for Tim's best friend's little boy!
It was a super cute "strongman" party!
 What a sweet face!
Today, I took the kids to church while Tim stayed home to mow and do some work for some big staff development days this coming week.
B Boy went to play basketball with friends, C Girl and I attended a meet and greet for our POA (it is just getting started back up for the first time since we have lived here) and then I took her to a friend's house to play.

The Razorback baseball team just defeated Missouri State in the Super Regionals and now are heading to Omaha for the College World Series!!!
One of our players, Andrew Benintendi, was named the Collegiate Baseball National Player of the Year this year!
Go #OmaHogs!!!

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