Thursday, May 21, 2015

the week

Wow. I just realized that the post before this one was my 1000th published post. Wow.  
That just seems like...... a LOT!

Monday, I got to stay home ALL day and get stuff done around the house. 
It was SO nice!
Also- I have been feeling so good lately. I cut dairy out of my diet and it has helped so much!!!

Tuesday, I took B Boy to the doctor to check on a bad scrape he got last Friday night.
It ended up not being infected thank goodness!

I had a BPTO training for new PTO officers that afternoon. That went great and it's fun to have church friends who are also involved in PTO!

B Boy had a baseball game that night.
It was a back and forth game and we ended up losing by one point. Sad panda.

On Wednesday, I joined his class on a field trip to Hobbs State Park!
It was drizzling off and on during the trip, but we still had a great time!
Learning about animals with fur.
Learning about plants.
Acting out the process of a tree's life.
I love nature.
Wild strawberries!

Wednesday night, we had a rare night of all four of us just being at home! I treasure these times since life has grown more busy.

Thursday was fun & field day at school.
I signed up to help and was stationed in the gym with the bounce houses.
It was in the 40's this morning when the activities began.
Kids were eating sno cones and doing water games.
A few kids ended up going to the nurse because their lips and/or fingers were turning blue!
The gym happened to be very warm and dry so I was lucky!
We are looking forward to a great Memorial day weekend!!!

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  1. You would think that by the end of May kids could play outside with water and not suffer hypothermia!


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