Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday words {and Psalm 63:3}

I'm staring out my front window watching the fog burn off and trying to get motivated to do something today. This week has been a tough one so far. I began having terrible pain Sunday and it continued through yesterday. I finally got some pain medicine last night. I think maybe it is a side effect of my new medicine. Sigh. I am a side effect magnet, I think.

C Girlie had her appointment for her top mouth spacer on Monday afternoon. It will be ready in a couple of weeks. She will wear it 24/7. She actually seems excited about wearing it. Time will tell.

Tim took her with him to his basketball duty that night. She was texting me and it was so funny to text with her! We legit got in an arguement about the emoji below. She still believes that it is a Hershey's kiss. HA!

This cat never leaves my side. She is a snuggler extraordinaire. Her and I caught up on Downton Abbey Monday night.

I missed Bible study yesterday due to the pain. It meant the world to have multiple friends text and check on me yesterday. 

Tim had to be at the school board meeting last night. Blah. I was starving and so were the kids. Somehow I pushed through and made homemade chicken and dumplings. I think I've made them so much that I could make them in my sleep.
My kids eat them like CRAZY. I think they both had 3 or 4 helpings each. So yummy.

Tim and I stayed up to watch the SOTU like we do every year. There are so many things you can discuss about this, but what I can't get over is how uncomfortable Speaker Boehner always looks. Surely someone can help him with this?

This verse has been close to my heart this week.

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