Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Everyday for a month

I posted every day in July of 2010 (July 2010 archive) and I LOVE going back and reading from that time. I wanted to do this again, so since I've already posted something everyday this month, here we go!

We did our gingerbread house on January 1st. This is "ok" fun to me, but the kids LOVE it- probably because they eat candy while they are doing it!
On Sunday, we had our final Christmas of the season with Tim's family.
 It was a very good time visiting with everyone and sharing a yummy meal. We brought a smoked turkey and dressing. The turkey was from a local deli and it was fabulous!
a fun game of left, right, center
 We also had a little winter weather Sunday morning. And the weather has turned bitterly cold.
 The kids received giftcards to Toy R Us from my sister and they were super excited about it! The thing they were most excited when picking stuff out was.... construction paper!
These kids love them some arts and crafts.

I'm excited that Downton Abbey is back and I'm even going to try and watch Celebrity Apprentice. 
Today was back to school day for Tim and the kids. I was so ready to get back into my normal routine.  
I struggle during January and February and I already feel the blues coming on.
I haven't felt well lately and that has not been helping.
I'm praying and hopeful that I can get a good treatment plan soon and start feeling better!

I wrote all of the above last night. After Tim and the kids got home from his basketball duty and we got them to bed, he and I stayed up and watched Sunday and Monday night's episodes of Celebrity Apprentice. It was very reminiscent of the days we used to have "our" shows that we would DVR and then watch after they went to bed. Those were the days long before the kids were in school. It was so nice and I look forward to doing that with him more!

Today, I have woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday. That's a good thing because my Bible study starts back at church this morning, I have Tuesday folder duty, B Boy has an eye dr appointment, and I have a meeting this evening. PLUS my house is a dreadful disaster and I'm SO ready to put all of our Christmas stuff away!

Here's to a productive, feeling good day!
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