Wednesday, December 3, 2014

'Tis the season

Well, it is definitely December! The amount of things to do hit me full force on Monday.

B Boy fell on his arm last week and he kept complaining of pain, so we took him to the doctor Monday. She ordered an Xray and thankfully, it was not broken!
I spent 4 hours on Monday driving to/from and waiting/being at either the doctor or the dentist with the kids.

I also had an injury misfortune.
While Tim was outside putting lights out front, I was inside putting our Santa collection on top of our kitchen cabinets. I was putting a Merry Christmas sign up as well.  It fell over and a domino effect of Santas falling happened. One rather large Santa fell four feet from the top of the cabinet down to my foot on the counter. It was so much pain. It is still swollen and extremely tender.

This week has been busy making cookies for a teacher lunch at school, helping a friend out by watching her son for a couple of hours, finishing putting Christmas decor out, cleaning the house really good, and beginning my Christmas shopping finally.
I was completely exhausted last night after going full force for 13 hours.

Today, I'm going to work on getting my Christmas cards ready to go out. 

I have book club, Sunday school Christmas party, mailing letters to Santa, and visiting Santa with the kids still to do this week!
 The lights on the Bentonville square as we were heading back into town Thursday night.
We always get our Christmas stuff down and begin putting the tree up and decorating on the day after Thanksgiving.
The Hogs also played Missouri that afternoon, so we had an extended break during that time.
The Hogs lost and that was sad, but they have played so well this year!
C Girl was SO into the decorating this year. Waaay more than ever. She even wanted to string the lights on the tree. She loves being in charge, lol.
Tim loves this setup.
Let me tell you, decorating with older kids is way different than with littles. 
My two had such big opinions and they wanted to decorate the entire tree themselves. 
We let them. What are ya gonna do?
p.s. I did go back and rearrange stuff on the tree yesterday!
 We sure were missing our Koonta girl.
Icing and elevating my foot injury.
 She found the Bible at the dentist's office and kept reading me passages of scripture :-)
 We started our advent book and our book advent on Monday.
B Boy has been reading the scripture passages every night. I love it!
p.s. I have been wrapping book advent books every day because I am so behind on everything. Usually, I have all 25 wrapped and ready to go!
Tim's handiwork in our front area. We are still going to get a few more things to add and line the driveway and sidewalk with lights eventually.
We went to the Rogers Christmas parade on Monday evening since we will be out of town on the day our town has its parade.
This was the only time we had to do our advent readings, so Tim and B Boy read to us in the van before the parade!
 It has been years since the kids have been to a night Christmas parade. 
The one in Bentonville is always during the day. 
They were super excited!!! They loved every bit of it. 
They were waving and dancing the entire time!
It was absolutely freezing though! It was 25 degrees and we couldn't feel our toes by the time the parade was over.

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