Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas day

Christmas morning was a very happy, magical time.

C Girl was up not too very long after we got up.
They were so excited to open gifts.
We try to keep it organized, so the youngest goes first and we all open one gift and then start over again in chronological order until all gifts are opened.
 Santa had the cutest wrapping paper this year!
 They were thrilled with their new bikes!
 I still can't get over that they are big enough to help buy gifts for us and then wrap them!
His faces! I love his joy!
I had some very nice gifts this year, as I do every year.
 Lego obsessed.
A book series that she adores!
 I love how C Girlie is looking at him!
He is also football obsessed. He now loves Marcus Mariota, the current Heisman winner.
A journal that LOCKS!
 Breakfast casserole and cinnamon balls for breakfast!
 Playing with new toys!
The fighting robots were a HUGE hit! Especially with Tim!
It was a wonderful day!

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