Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Family visit & pumpkin carving

We had a really fun weekend! My brother, Kevin just returned home from a 5 month military training for his new job and we all went to his house on Saturday for a family visit. We had such a fun time! I love having my brothers' and my kids all together!
C Girl working hard in Sunday School!
We went and picked up a few pumpkins after church!
Our annual pumpkin carving/painting tradition!
B Boy drew his own template for his pumpkin!
C Girl worked very intently painting her pumpkin!
Monday, we cleaned in the house and freshened up our back patio.
Yesterday, I had Bible study, we opened bank accounts for the kids, met Tim for lunch, went to the park with April & Ryan and then took some family photos in the evening. It was a busy day!
Today has been very low key. I have some errands to run later and the kids have AWANA tonight.
We only have a few more days of October break and I think we are going to have some fun!

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