Friday, October 17, 2014

bad times make the good times better

Well, hello.

It has been a little bit since I have blogged. Everyone keeps asking how I'm doing. This has been something where I did not just get better one day. It has been a gradual, "feeling a little better every day" kind of thing.  And the truth is, I felt so awful for much of the time, that I had no desire to blog. Things in my house are very behind. It's just going to take some catching up. 
I heard the line, "bad times make the good times better" in a song recently and that is so true. I'm appreciating how good I feel now.

So, what has been going on around here?

  • C had a birthday party/slumber party with friends.
  • I was able to feel well enough to go watch Gone Girl with some friends.
  • We had parent/teacher conferences for both kids and everything is going really great!
  • B Boy was accepted into our school district's gifted and talented program. We are so proud of him!
  • The gentleman that I visit through our women's ministry turned 98!
  • The kids attended their costume carnival at school.
  • I attended a birthday celebration for one of my friends at a local place, Junque 2 Jewels. We had a great time crafting!
  • Today is day #1 of our October intercession from school. Things to note already from today: the children were up at 6 am. Thankfully they played and I got to sleep in. They play well and then they are screaming at each other. The fighting has hit all time new levels over the past few months. I have lots of fun things planned for the break and hopefully they behave well enough to get to do those things! I actually just had to put both of them in separate corners. Good grief.
  • We get to celebrate my nephew, Parker this weekend! He recently turned 3. We are so excited to go visit family for a few days!
  • My brother, Kevin has been in San Angelo, Texas for about 5 months training for his new job with the Air National Guard. His unit has been re-aligned and he had to apply for and then be trained on his new position. He has been doing so good at school there (I believe top of his class!!!) and we are so proud of him! He graduates next week and gets to come home!
  • Soccer is winding down to a close. We have only 2 more games! B Boy has loved playing and we have loved watching him learn a new sport and love it!
  • C Girl has been taking piano lessons and is doing so well! I really think that she has a great big love for music! She also sings in the kids choir at church. This is her 3rd year doing that and she loves it so very much!
  • We got the kid's school pictures back. I posted a picture of a picture of them below. I have yet to scan them in.
  • I have been so, so thankful for all of my friends. The amount of kindness and caring that they have showed us is so humbling. 
  • And what about this ebola business??? I was not super worried until they allowed a nurse to travel after caring for an ebola patient. What in the world? Things are already starting to get crazy. Doctors and hospitals are having to screen anyone with the symptoms and people are worrying about people around them who are sick. Why don't we have this kind of concern for the flu? It kills thousands of people every year.

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