Monday, September 15, 2014

An eventful weekend

We had a very eventful weekend!
C Girl was very much sick on Friday and Saturday and it was so sad seeing her so ill.

Our church hosted the Living Proof Live simulcast all day Saturday.
I have never heard from Beth Moore and not been impacted in some way. 
Saturday was no different. It was amazing and very much needed.
Another local church hosted an IF: local event. I was so sad I had to miss that!
Saturday was also B Boy's first soccer game!!!
I snuck out of church for awhile to watch him play!
He did so good!
We thought C Girl was starting to feel better, but she was not completely well yet :-(
 We were VERY excited to watch the Razorbacks beat Texas Tech!!!!
We missed church yesterday because I did not want to possibly spread germs or acquire any more germs!

This morning, was C Girl's class's turn for Rise and Shine! 
She had a small speaking part and she did SO GOOD!!!
The song they sang was so cute. 
It was the months of the year in English and Spanish to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.
I've had quite an eventful afternoon. Poor Koonta has vomited multiple times and I had to clean up a big mess in our dryer from a rug that fell apart. That is life!

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