Monday, August 11, 2014

Tim McGraw concert

We went to see Tim McGraw at the AMP on Thursday evening.
This was our first time at the AMP. We arrived, parked and walked towards the gate. The line to get in the gate (gates were not open yet, but about to be) was probably literally a mile long. I'm not sure what time people began lining up. We sort of meshed in to the line as it was going in. I know it sounds wrong, and I felt awful, but there isn't a law that says people had to line up or enter the gates in any certain order. I really did not like the line deal. 
Once we were in and found a nice spot, we were able to check out the facility and people watch.

The first opener of the night was Cassadee Pope. She was great! I love "Wasting all these tears" and "I wish I could break your heart."

Next was Kip Moore. We really enjoyed him too!

What I did not enjoy was how many people walked back and forth over us. We were right by the sidewalk aisle and everyone had to go get more alcohol every five seconds. 
If all they wanted to do was drink, they should have stayed home and saved some money! 

Finally, it was time for Tim!!! We saw him in Little Rock in 2003, but I think this show was much better! We had great seats and he sang so many songs!!! I'm listing them below.
I was in love with Tim McGraw while I was growing up and know almost every word to all of his songs.
I tried to really just enjoy the concert without using my phone much. I noticed how much people had their phone cameras out to take pictures or video. It made me wonder how much people experience first hand vs. through a phone camera.

Tim introduced his band members and his keyboard player is from Fayetteville, AR and his drum player is from Hope, AR. OF COURSE, the audience went crazy and then also called the Hogs!!!

It was a great, great show and we had an awesome time!!!
"One of Those Nights"
"Real Good Man"
"I Like It, I Love It"
"Southern Voice"
"Red Rag Top"
"Down on the Farm"
"Southern Girl"
"Just to See You Smile"
"Better Than I Used to Be"
"Lookin' for That Girl"
"Please Remember Me"
"Back When"
"Keep on Truckin'"
"Meanwhile Back at Mama's"
"You Are So Beautiful"
"The View"
"Highway Don't Care"
"City Lights"
"Where the Green Grass Grows"
"Two Lanes of Freedom"
"Indian Outlaw"
"The Cowboy in Me"
"Truck Yeah"
"Something Like That"
"Felt Good on My Lips"
"Live like you were dying"


  1. glad you had fun! I was worried it would be way too crowded to enjoy (especially after hearing about the Miranda concert). he sang a lot of songs!!! that's good!!! my favorite is probably "where the green grass grows". what my corn pop up in rows!! ha! :)


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