Wednesday, August 13, 2014

my eight year old boy

B Boy, you are eight today!

I just finished bawling my eyes out. I found your school journal from last year. 
You wrote in it every few days. It was the most precious thing ever to see your thoughts written down over a year. It was like a written blog. I will treasure it forever.

You have the most precious heart and personality. You are a friend to everyone you meet.

People always say that there is something really special about a momma and her boy. 
I'm so thankful for our times together. I know sometimes, I get frustrated when you are constantly talking and telling stories. I'm going to try harder not to be. You are so creative and smart and I want to listen to everything you have to say.
the day you were born.
 big sister loved you from the moment she saw you!
 Oh, your twinkly eyes and happy smile!
 2 years old. you have always been such a boy!
 3 years old!
3 years old. You have always loved playing guitar with daddy! Maybe a family band one day?!
 3 years old. You have always been my snuggler.
 4 years old. You have loved ball since you first set eyes on one when you were a baby.
 5 years old. You are so funny and silly! And a lover of superheroes!
 6 years old. You started kindergarten and you loved it!
7 years old. You had an awesome 1st grade year! You read so much, love Legos, and learned to ride your bike!
7 years old. You are such a handsome boy and such a joy to be around!
And now you are eight and I just cannot wait to see what this year holds. I love you so much more than you will ever know. I'm so thankful God surprised us with you! It ended up being the best surprise I could ever imagine!

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