Wednesday, August 6, 2014

how school is going so far

I need to start off by saying that I am so burnt out on finding titles for my posts!!! Anyone else have this issue??!!
We had a really nice visit with Aunt Karen! The kids were ecstatic to get to stop the ice cream truck!

Monday began our first full week of school. The kids are loving and are totally in love with their teachers. I did not think it was possible for C Girl to love a teacher like she loved her 2nd grade teacher!
Things are definitely different with a 3rd grader- I'm now in the "big kid" car line, she has a "homework planner," and there has been homework every night.
Tim left Sunday afternoon for Little Rock for the AAEA summer conference. I was on my own Monday and Tuesday. I have to say, I got lots done and was very organized so that the evenings and mornings went well. We were so glad when he got home last night!
 C Girl got an awesome thing out of the treasure box on Monday. She had received two "right choice" tickets and her name was drawn! She is over the moon about this fashion sketch book!
I finally found a pair of sunglasses that I like. I have issues with sunglasses. I used to leave them places all the time, or they get scratched, AND I'm really weird about them squeezing my head (I can't stand it!) The bonus was that they were only $5 at Walmart!
This is a picture of only half of our car rider line. Since we go year round, full bus service does not begin until the rest of the district goes back. That means almost every child at our school gets picked up in the beginning. It is NUTS!


  1. Yikes! What a school line! How wonderful for a great teacher!

  2. I have those exact same glasses from Walmart! I love them!!


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