Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the last week of summer vacation

We have had a busy week! The kiddos finished up swimming lessons last Wednesday night and we are SO proud of their progress!!!

Thursday afternoon, I took the kids to the library to see a marionette puppet show. It was of the Wizard of Oz and we loved it! B Boy even ended up being in the newspaper the next day!!! The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had a mobile aquarium set up outside that went to check out for a few minutes and then we headed to Bella Vista to visit a grocery store there that we like.

On Friday, we treated the kids to a fun day at the city pool to celebrate all that they had learned in swimming lessons. They had a really great time! We ate at one of their favorite restaurants and then we headed to a Naturals game! We had an awesome time and the fireworks after the game were fantastic!!!

Saturday was spent at home just hanging out. We did rent a couple of Redbox movies to watch. Tim and I watched Lone Survivor. It was such a hard movie to watch. It ended up being a really good movie.

Sunday was church and then I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening working on plans for the kiddos' birthday party. Things are coming together!

Monday the kids and I cleaned in the house and went through toys to donate. Tuesday, we went to the church to help sort and hang clothes for the clothing giveaway that our church holds for the community every year.

We also had open house to meet their teachers and see their classrooms! I felt so overstimulated the whole time we were there. There were people everywhere and it was new classrooms and things to sign up for, forms to fill out, supplies to organize, etc. B Boy was pretty unsure about things because he only had 1 student in his class this year from last year. He did recognize more kids from school in his class while we were there. He will be fine because he is a social little guy! C Girl was absolutely thrilled to get the teacher she wanted and to have one of her best friends from church in her class! She picked the seat next to her friend and I'm so happy that they have each other to be with all year!!!

I don't usually get too emotional about the start of school every year. I think I kind of push all of the sad thoughts to the back of my mind. It has been very hard this year realizing how big my kiddos are becoming. I cannot believe I have a 3rd grader! It is going to be a great year though!!!

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