Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fun family times

We have been having lots of fun while Jessica and Parker are visiting!
Friday, C Girl's class had a baby shower for her teacher who is having a baby boy in August!
She received some very sweet gifts!
We are going to miss Mrs. Ferguson! She is just the sweetest and best teacher!
Friday was also Picnic and Play with Dad for 1st graders. Tim brought Taco Bell for him and B Boy and they had a picnic on the playground and then got to play!
I LOVE these things they have the kids do! SO funny!
After lunch, we checked the kids out for the day and surprised them with a trip to the splash park!
There happened to be a kindergarten field trip there too, so there were LOTS of kids!
Afterwards, the kids got sno cones! They got to share with Parker!
Friday evening, we went to dinner at Johnny Carino's. Since it is Father's Day weekend, Tim got to pick the restaurant. We hadn't eaten there in a while and I had forgotten how yummy it is!

Saturday morning, we headed out for a visit to the farmer's market.
They had some kid activities going on and the kids got to visit "super hero city!"
They also visited a couple of booths and they got to play in some fun bubbles!
We went home, ate lunch and got ready to head to Lake Atalanta for the day!
Tim and B Boy got to go fishing and we played in the creek by the lake.
We headed home after the lake, had Andy's frozen custard and got the kiddos home for a nap. After naps, Tim grilled burgers and hot dogs and we had roasted asparagus and oven fries. Such a yummy dinner!

There was supposed to be an antique airplane, car, and motorcycle show at our airport. 
When we got there, there were only about 10 aircraft out. Not sure what happened!
We did get to get inside a medical helicopter AND watch it fly off to go to a call!
When we got home, the kids rode their bikes for a few minutes before baths and bed!
Today is Father's Day!
The kiddos have the best daddy I could ever imagine!
He always cooks us breakfast on the weekends, so I gave him the weekend off and made chocolate gravy and biscuits this morning!
The kids made him sweet cards and we got him some of his favorite candy.
He has been able to have a leisurely morning and not have to wait on anyone like normal!
He loves us well and I hope he feels the same love from us!

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