Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stories from my week

Hello! Have you had a good week?

The weather has turned cold again where I live.  There were even snow flurries this morning! I had really been enjoying the mild temperatures and it made me so ready for spring!  I guess I was in denial that it is still winter!!!

Thank you to all who commented or sent me messages about my last post.  I hate sounding like a downer sometimes, but it is just something that I really struggle with.
I'm so thankful that I have hope in my Savior and that those thoughts do not control me.

This past Friday evening, our women's ministry had a Bunco night!
We had one last year and that was my first time playing bunco. It is so easy and fun. I had a wonderful time playing, chatting, laughing and snacking! Seriously, there was some caramel corn that I could NOT stop eating. I thought I was going to make myself sick!
The fun ended too soon, but I'm so thankful that we have such an active women's ministry and that we are blessed to have events like this. I absolutely love meeting other women in church that I have not had the opportunity to meet!
Saturday morning, we headed down south to the River Valley to hang out with my family. Sunday was my twin brothers' 30th birthday, so we had lunch and cake to celebrate.
It is a long standing tradition in my family that there is always boy rough housing. There are a lot more boys in the mix nowadays (It started with only my dad and brothers.) Dad does not participate any longer and I don't blame him!
My twin brothers and their boys who are only 5 months apart.
Let me tell you about these two 2 year old boys. They are hilarious! I could not get enough of Noah's antics! He was driving my mother crazy!!! He loves to push her buttons! He was turning lights on and off, opening and shutting doors, and running down the hallway so that someone would chase him! He is a mess!!!
When it was time for the boys to blow out the candles on their cake, Noah blew them out!!! We ended up having a "re-do!"
I love my family. There are 13 of us in my immediate family now and I just love it.
We played Phase 10 and it was SO MUCH FUN! It has been years since I have played. It was a long game, but we had so many laughs!!!

We stayed the night with Keith, Jessica and Parker and we had the BEST time visiting. I miss my friend so very much! I'm looking forward to our plans for this spring and summer!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Centerville, AR (teeny tiny town), to attend a housewarming party for Tim's nephew, Frankie and his wife Sherry. Their church had a wonderful potluck (someone had made these praline bars and they were absolutely delicious) and they received some nice gifts! We drove out to see their new home. We are so happy for them!
We made our 3 hour drive back to Bentonville just in time to get C Girl to GA's and I went to the evening service. On Sunday evenings, our pastor has been speaking about the seven churches from the book of Revelation. He spoke on the church at Smyrna this Sunday. Smyrna is the church that would suffer persecution. He talked about being persecuted as a Christian and how some churches have been bowing down to the pressures of the world. He said a couple of things that really stood out to me- "We can lose our whole nation trying to save the world" and "Who we are in private is all we will ever be." Those are some hard hitting and good truths.

When I got home from church, my cats were so glad to see me. They act like I have been gone for weeks when it has only been a couple of days! 
We also watched some final things of the Olympics and part of the closing ceremony. I'm sad that they are over!

On Monday, we took B Boy to the pediatrician. He has been battling some nose issues for years and we finally decided that something had to be done. The doctor was very concerned about his "significantly" enlarged tonsils. We have an appointment with an ENT next month and it looks like we may be having his tonsils removed :-(

Yesterday, I had Bible study and then I headed to my yoga class. I have really fallen in love with yoga, but y'all? It is tough! I never dreamed that it would be so intense!

A funny story-- I was at the kid's school yesterday doing Tuesday folders. C Girl came out of her classroom and she had dirt all over her pants. I asked her what happened and she said that a boy threw dirt on her at recess. A boy happened to be sitting at a table nearby and he said, "yeah, it must have been a dirt bomb. I chase her at recess and I think it was someone on my team." Apparently, they have "girl chasing" teams. This really cracked me up!

Do your kids have a loom? My kids are still obsessed with making bracelets and necklaces and they use their fingers instead of the loom! I find these things everywhere in the house!
Yesterday evening, I went to a baby shower for my friend Maegan. She is in my Sunday school class and she is married to our youth pastor. She is so beautiful and funny. This is their 4th child and they are having a boy!
We had some yummy food and lots of laughs. I love being around the ladies who are funny and outgoing. I wish I was less reserved and more like that! 
But, we all have different personalities and that is what makes everyone unique and all of the ladies in my SS class are just awesome! Love them!

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