Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas with family round one

The day after Christmas we did a little shopping and then I had an appointment with a GI specialist.
I'm having a couple of tests tomorrow just to confirm that nothing else besides IBS is the culprit to my health.
No biggie, just stinky because I have to be on a liquid diet today.

This morning I'm watching the funeral service for Janet Pate, a woman from my church that I have never met.  I have followed her journey through blogs.  
I am in awe of all of the lives she has touched and as I watch a packed church worship during the service, I am being touched too.  
I can't even imagine how many others are being touched by watching online.  

Friday, we did a lot of work around the house getting ready for hosting Christmas with Tim's family on Sunday.
Our present to Tim was a ping pong table and we had to put it together!

Saturday, we drove down to my mom and dad's house to spend Christmas with my side of the family.
We had a wonderful meal, visit, and gifts!
I love all these people so much!
Always a little rough housing!
The first cousin picture and the most recent.
It was a little more difficult to get a picture this time!
I had to hide a bare belly that was in every picture!

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