Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

I feel as though this Christmas season has been the best ever. 
I know that's hard to imagine when you think about those early Christmases with your kiddos. 

I recall the magic, joy and wonder, but I also recall the stress. 
C's 1st Christmas, she was 3.5 mos old so it wasn't stressful, but starting the next year, things got crazy. 
We didn't have a full size tree anywhere near them until they were 2 and 3.  Even then, we only decorated the top half! 
I remember how hard it was to shop for gifts since I didn't ever have time to shop alone(shopping was 45 min away and there was no one to keep them.) 
I also recall those first years getting in the groove of Christmas eve- the starting of traditions, the wrapping, and the waiting until they were asleep to set everything up. Looking back, I should have been more simple with gifts and just did a couple of big things. 

Up until last year, we woke up on Christmas morning at our house, did our gifts and then packed up to drive down and visit both families. 
The 2 years that we did that after moving to Bentonville were SO exhausting- long drive, long day, over stimulated and over tired children. I didn't feel like we were able to spend as much quality time with family either since we were rushing around. 

NOW, I'm not saying Christmas was awful before!!! No! Christmas has always been joyful and wonderful!!!
BUT, I'm not sure if it is age, experience, planning or what, but I have been SO relaxed and content this year. 

This year is also different because we are doing our family Christmases on different days and we are hosting Christmas with Tims family in our home for the first time. We have always hosted Thanksgiving up until this year. We hosted 10 Thanksgivings! Christmas has always been at one of Tim's sisters houses. 
I'm really looking forward to it. We have planned a menu of Italian food and it's going to be so yummy!!!

So, back to our Christmas. I woke up at 4 am for some reason and had peeked into the living room. We always leave the Christmas tree lights on all night on Christmas Eve. 
I found B boy sleeping on the couch! I have no idea how long he had been there! 
Then, around 5 am, C Girl came in our room. I think we finally all got up at about 5:50! Yeesh!!!
She was so excited to get this movie for me.  She kinda loves it herself too!
This was the one thing that she talked about wanting ALL the time!!!
A sweet gift that B Boy made for me at school!
 They both love Lego Friends!
We collect Santas and I always try to get a new one for Tim every year.
 Presents from Aunt Marie!
 Thank you Aunt Marie!!!
 The aftermath....
We do not buy our kiddos much at all during the year, so birthdays and Christmas are a BIG deal at our house.
I like it that way though :-)

We will definitely be donating some old toys soon!
My sweet babies!
Homemade cinnamon rolls!

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