Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday, Parker!

Saturday, Tim and I got to go to the Razorback game together while the kids stayed with a sitter.
It was nice to spend time with him, but the game was really, really awful!
I don't think this coming Saturday against Alabama will be much better!

Sunday we drove down for the 2nd birthday party for my nephew, Parker!
We can't believe he is 2! C Girl is seriously upset that he is no longer a "baby!"

You can see more party details over on Jessica's blog!
I will focus mainly on the pictures I took of the family!
sweet cousins playing
cutie patootie Parker
It was a construction party!
Grandma and C Girl
My nephews, Parker & Noah!
so funny!
Jessica and I
I love this sweet birthday boy!


  1. These pictures are great! I just saved them all in his party folder! :-) I'm loving the new changes! They look great!


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