Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A trip to Kansas

We made a trip to Kansas over our break to visit my half sister. She is Aunt Marie to my kids and they absolutely adore her.  We spent the first day visiting with her, her husband and even some of her husband's family.
I find this picture funny because I actually used to watch Petticoat Junction! I'm a sucker for those old corny comedies!
The next day, Sunday, we headed to the KC Pumpkin Patch.  You may just have to check that link out because I'm not sure I can convey how big this pumpkin patch was and how much stuff there was to do!
A jumping pillow!
My first apple cider donuts!
B Boy got to be a little part of the show!
 The next day, we headed to Kansas City to have some fun.
We ate at the T-Rex restaurant and it was really neat!
It's kind of like Rainforest Cafe, only dinosaur style!
 The jellyfish table :)
 We also went to watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.  It was a really cute movie!
 I visited my first Nebraska Furniture Mart.  That place is literally the size of a mall and it's only 1 store!!!
 We took the kids to Dave & Buster's and they had an absolute blast playing all the games!
We went and got pedis before we headed home.
This was C Girl's first pedicure!
I had a paraffin wax and hot stone treatment. It was super nice!
 The kiddos love their Aunt Marie!
 Photo courtesy of B Boy :)
 Photo courtesy of C Girl 
 We saw a lot of Kansas scenery on our trip home.  It is very beautiful and windy!
It's very agricultural with lots of fields, hay, cattle and barns.
It was our very first trip to Kansas and we loved it.  Especially since we got to spend time with family!

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