Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a mind dump

I'm sitting at the library because I just finished with a doctor appointment, and if I go home, I will get too distracted with everything else.  Plus, I'm meeting my BFF from high school for lunch in a bit.

I'm experiencing a deep sadness.  I feel like I've lost a great thing.  It's something that's been drifting away for awhile now, but that doesn't make it hurt less.  I'm not discussing what it is, because it's private, but it's always hard to lose things/people that you love.  Sometimes, things change too much to ever stay the same. #itshardgrowingup

So anyways, I had a pretty good weekend!  Tim took me to lunch at a local food truck that we had been wanting to try.  It's a Mexican food truck and it was SO good!  I feel like Tim and I are at an amazing place in our marriage.  It's like the honeymoon stage again.  I'm not experiencing health issues like I was earlier in our marriage, the kids are getting bigger, and we have just worked to make each other the biggest priority.  

We watched the new Star Trek movie after the kids went to bed.  That movie stressed me out! But, it was really great.  Tim informed me that the show was based on the books.  I had no idea that there were books. Now I'm wanting to read them!

Saturday was quite the day.  C Girlie and I did some fun shopping.  It was great to have one on one time with her.  When we got home, we started getting ready for the Razorback game.  I had had my reservations about going because it was supposed to rain.  We suited up and went anyway.  The entire first half, it did not rain.  The second half was a different story.  We were some wet bears by the end!  Thank goodness for rain clothes and boots.  Our team played with such heart!!!
Sunday was DNOW at church.  It's a great weekend of discipleship for high schoolers.  Last year was our first time to go to a DNOW service and I was excited to go this year.  It was awesome.  The worship was led by the Jeff Johnson band and they are great.  Michael Kelley spoke about how to abide in Christ and is was so, so good.  

I decorated the house for fall that afternoon.  I LOVE this time of year so much.  It's my favorite!  It's strange decorating in a new house because you have to find out where you want to put everything again!
Sunday also marked 3 years since Nan left us.  We are not the type to sit around reminiscing, it's just too hard.  We try to talk about her as much as we can with the kids. It completely breaks my heart that they don't have their Nan still. 

Monday, C Girl's class led the Rise and Shine at school. They all read their parts in the book they had wrote for the occasion.  I was SO proud of how well she spoke in the microphone and how she was so confident! She's growing up so much!
I would post the video, but that would require editing it down to just her part, and I don't have time for that right now! Sorry!

I found this saved in my pictures on the iPad.  How sweet is that?! I'm not sure yet which kid made it, but it brightened my day so much! I love my kiddos more than words!
I got to do some shopping, have lunch with Tim(again!), and have a park playdate with friends yesterday. I'm enjoying this awesome weather and trying to have a more open schedule to focus on what matters!

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