Monday, September 9, 2013


I felt pretty good this weekend.  We had a date night on Friday night and went to see Lee Daniel's The Butler.  I thought it was fantastic!

I had been planning a little trip on Saturday to go do something that I have wanted to do since I heard about it.  First, though, we made a pit stop in Eureka Springs.

I love Thorncrown Chapel.  I just don't know what is not to love about such a unique architectural chapel in the middle of nature.
It's so peaceful inside.
Next, we hopped down to dowtown Eureka Springs.  Tim and I love Eureka Springs.  We spent our 1st and 7th anniversaries there.  It is so beautiful, historic, artsty, and quirky. 
The kids LOVED seeing all of the antique cars!
Choosing some fudge from a great local fudge shop!
Winding, uphill streets.
After a little walking and browsing shops, we hopped in the car and headed to our destination-
I had read about the Arkansas Hot Air Balloon State Championship in the newspaper after we had first moved to Northwest Arkansas.  I have wanted to go every year, but something has always came up.
This year, I knew we could make it, so I made the plans!
It was so awesome to watch them blow up the balloons and just being there and seeing them in person was so, so cool.
They did have tethered rides, but the line was ridiculously long. Maybe one day ;-)
It was TOTALLY worth the two hour drive! I highly recommend checking it out if you ever get a chance!  Besides the Saturday night balloon rides and balloon glow, they have races that they compete in all weekend.
It was a wonderful day with my family. We made some good memories and it was fun introducing them to some new things.


  1. You know, before they did this in Harrison, they used to have a hot air balloon day in Bentonville at the airport. We went a couple of times when we first moved here. They quit in 07 or 08. I always loved watching the balloon glow at night.

  2. That looks like so much fun. And your pictures are beautiful.


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