Thursday, September 5, 2013


I go back and forth wondering if I should share about my health.  I always have, but I start to think that people may think I'm whining or trying to garner attention.  Or that my issues aren't as serious as other people's, so why do I talk about it?

I don't talk about it for any of those reasons.  I just share my life, and right now, that's a major part of it.

I basically felt pretty good for a week after the hospital stay and then, the last 2 weeks, especially, have been filled with pain.  

I did go to the doctor today(saw a new lady doctor today and really, really liked her!)  I had an X-ray and there were no signs of an obstruction!  Very good news.  I'll let you guess what is going on though.  Let's just say, Metamucil is involved. 

But, still, it doesn't really explain all of the pain.  I'm just praying and trying to do everything that the doctor suggested.

I'm sad, because we had a church GNO at the home of a wonderful lady in our church and I could not go tonight.  The pain this evening was awful.  Bless my kiddos' hearts, they had to entertain themselves until Tim got home from football duty.

There are so many things about pain and sickness that make me mad.  1. Not being able to be as present with the kids or play or anything. 2. Missing out on things. 3. Feeling like a disappointment to my family because I can't keep up with things in the house. 4. Not feeling like eating. I love to eat, so that has been super annoying. 

I just feel like it is one thing after another with me.  I go months feeling well and then, bam- some random health issue happens to me.  This summer was the best I had felt in a very long time. 

I guess that is why it is even more disappointing to be feeling like this now. Feeling bad every once in a while is one thing, but feeling bad everyday for a while is so much more difficult. 
I certainly never take good health for granted.

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