Monday, September 16, 2013

A week of stuff

I haven't blogged much in the past week.  Every time that I would have some downtime, I would just not be in the mood.  

Last week, I felt really, really good!  I'm not sure what the deal is, but I'll take it!

Monday, last week, Tim and I went to the Rise and Shine at the kids' school.  B Boy was recognized for being an ambassador this semester and C Girlie was student of the week! Both kids have been student of the week already and I'm SO proud of them!

Tuesday, I had my weekly Bible study, I filled Tuesday folders in each of the kid's classrooms and voted (we have a school millage vote and school board vote right now).
Wednesday the kids have church and Tim & I get some much needed alone time to just talk and hang out for and hour and a half.

Thursday, we had our first district PTO meeting.  This is actually the first time I've ever been a secretary and had to take minutes, but it's pretty easy!  I had lunch with both kiddos after my meeting. I love that their lunches overlap and I get to see them both at the same time! It was also school picture day that day!
C Girlie has gymnastics after school on Thursdays.  She has been going about 7 weeks now and she really seems to love it.  She has some trouble learning a few of the things, but I'm so proud of how hard she is trying!

Tim had football duty that night, so he took both kids with him and I had 3 hours to myself! It was really nice!  I just hung out and made the menu for the next two weeks- I'm trying some new recipes and I'm excited about that. I also sat on the couch and read some of my book!

Friday, I went and helped read with some 1st graders. I'm excited about getting to go do this weekly.  Afterwards, I went to get groceries. I'm one of those people who loves getting groceries- weird, I know!  I also organized my pantry when I got home and unloaded.

Tim and I watched a movie Friday night, and then Saturday, we did a few things around the house and then just watched football all day!  Our Hogs are 3-0 now! I am nervous about the rest of our schedule though.  We play Rutgers this week and after that, it is big-time SEC opponents every week. Eeek!

Yesterday was church, home to have lunch, relax, make soup for dinner tonight, and then back to church for the evening. 

Last night was also the Miss America pageant.  I really prefer it over Miss USA.  My favorite part of this night is the Twitter commentary.  It is the absolute BEST.  I was laughing the entire time! 
C and B were so sad that they had to go to bed and miss the football game last night and the pageant.  It's hard to be 7 and 8.

Geez, it's hard for me to write that they are 7 and 8.  It just seems so old!

Today, I woke up to an unexpected dreary morning. It's not raining now, but it must have sometime during the night/morning.  We really need some rain around here.  I wish we could take some from Colorado.  Please be praying for them. My blogger friend, Jenn, lives in Colorado and wrote this post yesterday.  Just keep the whole state in your prayers.

I have a hair appointment today and I'm very much looking forward to it.  A cut and color always make me feel great!

I also have my appointment for the Cancer Prevention Study 3 this week.  If you want more info or still want to sign up, here is the blog post from a few weeks ago that Keisha wrote.  

I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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