Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My heart is breaking a little bit today.  It's so hard to believe that you are 7 now.  I really wish that I could bottle you up and keep you this age.  I know I've felt that about every age and I'm sure I'll always feel that way, but I love you and your sister's ages a lot right now.

I always want you to know how thankful I am for you. You and your sister have brought so much joy to my life - probably more than I could ever express.

I am so very, very proud of you.  I wish I could brag to the heavens everything about you.  You are one of the smartest boys I've ever known.  I think you are cute as can be.  Your heart is precious.  You are tender hearted, caring, and so very sweet and thoughtful.

Everyone that has ever met you, has loved you. You get that trait from your Daddy.  You love, love, love to read and have been reading chapter books since last year.  You get that trait from me :).

Lately, you and your sister have been learning about sarcasm.  I will say something to Daddy and you will say, "Momma, are you being sarcastic?"  And, usually I am!

You guys transitioned like champs to your new school.  I'm so proud of that.  I'm so happy that you feel confident and supported.

You are about to promote up to Crosswalk at church.  You will get your first "big boy" (real) Bible on Sunday.  You are so very excited.

Alas, I could go on and on and on.  I love you with every piece of my heart. Happy birthday my sweet boy.

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