Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The slow days of summer

After 8 days of being sick, I finally called for a doctor's appointment this morning.  The doctor really thinks that I just had a bad allergy reaction to something in the air.  He said I did everything right short of using a neti pot. Have any of you ever used one???

I ended up getting an ouchy steroid shot to get me to feeling better sooner.  I actually already feel GREAT! Praise be for modern medicine!

These first 2 weeks of summer break have been everything that I hoped they would be.



Not busy.


I have worked on projects that I have wanted to get finished.  

I have been deep cleaning the house. 
-Seriously, how should I have to deep clean a house that I have only lived in for 3 1/2 months??!!

I started reading an actual book.  
Oh glory!  I have been reading one on the Kindle since January, but to me, there is just something about having a real book in my hand.

Today I worked on my recipe collection.  
I find recipes online and then forward them to my email to keep in a recipes folder in my email.  
I also have a Word document that I am creating to store all of our favorite recipes.  I'm then going to print them all to keep in a binder in the kitchen.

I updated most of the recipes and even picked some to try out that have just been sitting in the folder.  I'm so happy that I have more time to cook and try new recipes!

The kids have been loving all the free time.  
They have played outside, read tons of books, drew pictures, colored pictures, did puzzles, watched movies, eaten popsicles, and even helped me with cleaning the house!

And can we talk about this amazing weather we have been having?!!
Well, minus the storms and rain.

I have had the windows open every single day!

In June!

Hotter temps are coming soon and we will have to find lots of ways to keep cool!

We are happy to start having Tim home soon.  He has been working like a madman to get the schedule done for the junior high so that he can finally take some much needed vacation time.

We have fun things lined up for when his is finally off.

We are also looking forward to a visit from Jessica and Parker and then our summer vacation trips at the end of the month!

What fun things do you have planned for summer?


I always love hearing from you!