Sunday, June 9, 2013

Packing a lot of life into the weekend

Sometimes you have those weekends that are just FULL.  That is what happened to us this weekend.

Friday started with a trip to a Barbie event that was in town.  We went with our friends, April and Ryan.  We had a lot of fun.  There was face painting, a Barbie dress craft, Barbie Lego's and a fashion runway!  C Girl told me, "I'm a big fan of Barbie." So sweet.
B Boy had to tag along, but he thoroughly enjoyed the Lego section ;)
Afterwards, we went to the park and had a picnic with our friends, caught up, and enjoyed the weather.
Friday was National Donut Day and our Krispy Kreme was giving one free donut per customer.  We ended up getting 6 free donuts because they were also handing out a free fresh, hot donut to every customer! Whoop!  Donuts are one of my favorite treats.
Friday evening, B Boy had the 1st game in the end of the year tournament for tee ball. They won this first round game so they would be in the 2nd round Saturday morning!
 Heading for home plate!!!
So excited to have won their game!

After the game, we headed downtown to the First Friday festival on the square.  
It was an art walk and it was so neat to see all of the great work that was displayed.  We saw a few friends from church too.  
On the way home, I was browsing my Twitter feed and people were saying that Tom Cruise was at our square. 
He had been there eating dinner at a local restaurant while I was there and then he walked around!  How did I miss that?! 
He was in town for the Walmart Shareholder's meeting.  Living in Bentonville is never boring!

Tim had mentioned taking the kids to a fishing derby in Centerton on Saturday morning.  
The kids were super stoked to go.  
It was really crowded but you always catch fish in a stocked pond, so we were excited to see them catch fish.  
They did great!  They each caught 3 fish.  We helped hold the rod, but they reeled the fish in themselves!
 This picture cracks me up!  She is such a girly girl but still likes to fish, but still is quite scared of the fish!
 Reeling a in a big one!
Posing with the catch!

We rushed from there to B's tee ball game.  They won the 2nd round game as well!  We went to Braum's for a celebration lunch and then headed back for his 2pm game.  

They played an awesome game, but we ended up losing to the other team.  His team had such a great season and finished tied for 3rd for the 6 year old boys!  How awesome to be in the Final Four!
We got some ice cream after and then headed home to finally relax!  Tim cooked some rib-eyes and it was a great, relaxing evening.
We went to church this morning. It was a great service.  C Girlie gets to be in regular church all summer since her age group doesn't meet during then.  It's nice to get to have her in main service with us.  In August, when B Boy is promoted, I won't have any more babies in 2x2.  I'll officially be a mom of "big" kids.

I have been needing to finish up the rest of the PTO work from the year, so Tim took the kiddos to the splash park this afternoon.  
It was a nice break and I'm almost finished with the end of the year audit.  
Once all of that is complete, I will be only a contact person for our previous school.  I will start my duty as secretary for our district PTO.  
I think I'm going to enjoy a more broad, less exertive role!

I'm planning to take the kiddos strawberry picking in the morning!  
I love, love, love going to pick any kind of berries.  
We had an awesome blueberry patch near where we used to live.  I really miss it!  I want to make some strawberry freezer jam and a strawberry pie!


  1. we had a crazy weekend too!! i am exhausted :)!!

    oh, i've heard the strawberry patch is so much fun. i want to try to take the boys this week too!!

  2. Busy weekend, but it sounds like you all had fun. Lots of family memories in the making!

    1. I think that all the time- are these things going to be memories that the kids have?! It was a lot of fun though.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I loved the fishing pics!

    1. Aw, thanks! They really enjoy fishing! I'm more of a spectator ;-)


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