Sunday, April 7, 2013

Prayer requests

Tonight I am burdened for families in my Sunday school class.  Right now, there are very urgent needs for 4 families.  

  • One has a 2 year old daughter who had a fever this morning and as they were waiting at the clinic, she had a seizure.  She was airlifted to Children's hospital and they are awaiting results of tests.  
  • One has a daughter at the ER with possible appendicitis.  
  • One has a one year old boy who has struggled with not gaining weight and not eating.  They have been to hospitals and had so many tests and still do not have any answers.  God has answered prayer today and he has actually eaten more than he has been, but he still is not eating the amount that he needs.
  • One family has a 7 month old daughter with early onset scoliosis.  They are flying to an out of state hospital this week to seek answers.
I was planning on posting something totally different tonight, but these needs are so heavy on my heart.  Tomorrow I will post what I was going to post tonight and it explains what these friends and this Sunday school class mean to me.  

If you don't mind, will you join me in prayer tonight for my friends?

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