Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Did you have a good Easter?
We sure did.
I love Easter so much!
We had a very busy weekend full of family, friends, food and fun.
The kids had Easter egg hunts at school on Friday.
Saturday, we drove down to my mom and dad's house to spend time with my family.
It was so nice to be with them and get to see all 3 of my nephews.
The two toddlers were so precious and funny!
 Sweet little boys!
 This is what happens when you try to photograph two toddlers at the same time!
 The kids loved hunting eggs again! It was a little soggy, but that didn't hamper the fun!
 Quality cousin time over the iPhone, lol!
We stopped at our favorite restaurant, Cracko Barro, on the way home :-)
The obligatory posed family Easter photo ;-)
I want to be completely transparent for a minute.
Yes, we had a lovely weekend.
However, not all was lovely the entire time.  We did have disciplinary issues with a certain child.  I don't like to put many negative things about the kids on here because I have to be careful how I tell their story.  As the kids have gotten older, I've been trying to be careful what I post and what I don't post.  What you read here will always be just a portion of our lives.  I love to share about our lives for our friends and family to see, so of course, I love to share the good things. 
But please know that we have struggles and issues just like any other family.
Back to regular programming...
 GORGEOUS spring weather on Easter Sunday morning!
Celebrating Resurrection Sunday at church.
This was our 3rd Easter at our church and we are so blessed to hear from Bro. Junior Hill a 3rd time.
The backyard egg hunt
 Woohoo! Full baskets!
B is obsessed with his new basketball
 Yesterday afternoon we were invited to the home of a couple in our Sunday school class.
They hosted an egg hunt and appetizer dinner.  There were SO many families from our class there.  God bless them for having all of us in their home!  We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone.
B Boy was is in HEAVEN with this drum set in their house!


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