Monday, December 17, 2012

Ice Skating and the weekend

We went to help celebrate our friend's birthday last Tuesday night at the ice skating rink!
The kids did really well and were trying to skate on their own by the end of the night!
After ice skating, I had a Girl's Night In with ladies from Sunday school.  There were about 20 of us.  I feel so lucky to have so many women to call friends.  They are a lovely, lovely bunch.

Friday night was our Winter Movie night at school.  PTO sponsored and we showed Arthur Christmas and had hot chocolate and cookies!  All of the families had a great time!

Saturday was a nice, lazy day and then we did a little shopping, went out to dinner and went to the see The Lights of the Ozarks at the square in Fayetteville.  It was beautiful as usual!

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  1. I want to go ice skating! Sounds like y'all had a fun weekend :)


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