Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day in the life: Thursday

alarm goes off at 5:45.
I didn't have to get out of bed until 6:40! I had no lunches to pack today!
Everyone gets ready for the day and out the door even by 7:04!
Today was pay day, so I paid some bills, ordered some stuff, and looked at the results from my blood work from last week. My iron level is ridiculously low :(
I have to get ready for a BPTO meeting at 9 am at the administration building.
I get ready and head over.  The meeting was very good and informative. I have to leave early.
I leave at 10:10 so that I can be at the elementary school at 10:30 to eat lunch with B Boy. Today was Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria and they invite parents to come and enjoy with the kids! We sat at a table with a bunch of his friends too :) It was fun to go through the lunch line with him.
Lunch is over at 11 and I go to hang out in the office until 11:30 for lunch with C Girlie.
When it's time, I go down to meet C Girl and I go through the line with her too! Yep, I had lunch twice today! We sat with a bunch of her friends from her class.
My little Indian and his Pilgrim friend :)
I left the school a little after noon to head to Walmart to do a big grocery shopping run.  I had our normal stuff to get, plus stuff for Thanksgiving next week.  I did well and stayed in our budget!  It did take me over an hour and was tiring with my energy level.
I had just enough time to get gas, drive home, unload, and then head to school to pick the kiddos up.
We had a date to meet April and Ryan at a new park in town.  I love that we have so many parks in our area.  Every time either of us asks the other to go to the park, we always have to ask, "which one?!"
We headed home by 4:40.  The evening got a little crazy after that.  I was exhausted from the day, the kids were tired and hungry, and Tim had another after school meeting.
5 pm seems to be the standard for official meltdowns.
Anyways, Tim got home around 5:30 and helped me get dinner finished. While we cooked, the kiddos finished up their homework for the week.  1st grade homework is getting way more in depth and difficult!  So, for dinner we had salmon cakes, steamed broccoli, and homemade oven fries. Yum yum yummy.
By the time dinner was eaten and we finished catching up on ALL the stuff we needed to catch each other up on (and we had a LOT), it was 6:45.
The kiddos had their bedtime snack right after dinner.  This so cracks me up.  I know they were still hungry, but they are just SO systematic and schedule-driven.
Next, we had reading time and then teeth brushing, songs, prayers and bed!
I see relaxation in my future tonight and tomorrow!

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  1. I loved reading about your day! Your kids are adorable! Have a great weekend!



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