Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Honestly, I really don't have time to be blogging right now.

But, sometimes, I really want to share things and not wait.

Bible Study yesterday was SO good. 

We are doing a study by Tammie Head, called "Duty or Delight?"

During part of our talk, we began to express how goal and task oriented we can be.  So much so, that we have our eyes on that goal and not necessarily on what is going on around us.

You see, God does not worry as much about our goals as He does with our journey of how we get there.  

We talked about how we can be so busy doing household things and such, that we can have a very hard time knowing how to just sit and play with our kids.  

We talked about how we can train our husbands to not even want to help us around the house because "our way" is the only way that things can be done.

But these "things" have no eternal value.  The things that do have eternal value are how we spend time with our kids, time with our husbands, and how we interact with the people around us.  

Sometimes, we have to "let go" of how we want things and learn how God wants us to be on this journey.  

I know that how they all folded the towels used to drive me insane!  I have a certain way I like it done.  It looks good to me like that.  But, for everyone's sake, I have let that go.  Our towel stacks now usually look lopsided and definitely not perfect, but everyone is happier.  The kids and Tim help and I don't care how it looks!

We can't worry about every little thing.

We can keep a nice home, but at the same time, we can make our housekeeping part of the journey.

We can involve our kids more.

Or we can even put it aside for a while, and focus on them. 

They need to learn about life and faith from us.

We have to find a balance to the things in our life.

I know for me, the only way to find that balance is to constantly be in the Word and praying.

When I let that go, I feel much more out of control.

I loved what our teacher said yesterday, "sometimes you have to let go and let God."

I don't want my kids to remember my journey as always being a mom who was "too busy" or  had to wash dishes instead of watching them play.  

I don't want to be the mom that was too busy on the computer or television or a book to spend time with them.

I am working so hard to find the right balance in my life.  

I want to have a good journey.

I want people, family and friends to know that I tried to live this journey for the glory of God and not for the glory of Lenette.

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  1. I'm so glad I read this. It sounds like it was a great study! I really really need to remember this. I love it. Thank you for blogging.


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