Monday, June 11, 2012

Ballet Recital

C Girlie had her end of the year ballet recital this past Saturday.
Aunt Karen came down Friday to spend the afternoon with us and attend the recital.
We had a fun dinner at Applebee's and also watched We Bought a Zoo.  It's a really cute movie!
Now, C Girl has informed us that she would rather not continue taking ballet next year and that is fine with us.
Even though, she won't be doing it next year, she did WONDERFUL for the six months that she tooks lessons.
Video was forbidden during the live performance, but I did get some videos during rehearsal earlier that morning.
A note about the video- I had my camera set on a setting that caused it to continue focusing, hence the focus noises. I couldn't do anything about that, because, well, once you start videoing your daughter doing her performance, you can't just stop!
She did awesome during the rehearsal, but she did SO much better during the actual recital!!! 
We are so proud of her that we could BUST!!!
Flowers from Daddy :)


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